14K Yellow Gold 2-sided Koi Fish Pendant


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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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14K Yellow Gold 2-sided Koi Fish Pendant

Koi Fish Description

Koi, or carp in Japanese are deeply engrained in most East Asian cultures as symbols of direction, perseverance, prosperity, life and fortune.

Front: This pendant features the koi with its golden scales and fins detailed in intricately executed engraving.

Back: The nishiki (colorful) koi features an engraved sand background pattern on its scales reflective of the eight Hawaiian Islands.

Koi Fish Description: 

Design: Special Customized Design

Height: 2 inches

Width: 28mm

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Orders may be customized

Designer Thom Sirivattha's signature is engraved on the bell.

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