4mm 14K Yellow Gold Ring - Heart Scroll

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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14K Yellow Gold Ring - Heart Scroll

You will have heart to spare with this beautiful ring with its hand engraved universal message of love forming an eternal circle rendered in precious gold. 

Traditional designs include motifs, symbols and lettering techniques which have withstood the test of time for generations and promise to remain beautiful and appropriate to your children and grandchildren.

Ring Description:

Design: Heart Scroll

Ring Sizes: 3 - 13

Width: 4mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Wire Type: Barrel

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Technique: Bright Cut, Wiggle Etching 

Our rings are meticulously handcrafted by master designer and engraver Thom Sirivattha. Thom's intensively studied techniques ensure that every piece leaving his bench has the gleam, brilliance and texture that only a sketchbook and hand engraving can achieve. Each piece is individually signed by the artist.

We invite you to contact us with any questions.