4mm Princess Scroll wave Design Cuff Bangle

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4mm Princess Scroll Design Cuff Bangle

Bangle Description

Traditional designs include motifs, symbols and lettering techniques that have withstood the test of time for generations and promise to remain fresh and beautiful to your children and grandchildren.

Princess Scroll lavishes swirls and lines intermixed with organic shapes and symbols onto Thom’s surfboard pendants in intricate patterns of life and love. Designs can be partially or completely customized to individual needs to create truly personal messages.

Cuff Bangles are often worn by men as well a women, as their open ended design allows a slightly snugger fit on the wrist and is also more large hand friendly.

Orders will be shipped within 7 business days from the date received. We offer free shipping for this product within the United States.

You may customize your order for additional fees starting from $50.00. Please call!

Designer Thom Sirivattha personally signs every piece.

We invite you to contact us with any questions.