Design Selections

Personalized Hawaiian Jewelry - Engraving and Border Designs
by Thom Sirivattha

Here are some of the options you can use to make your design your very own. The border designs shown below are all available, and may be mixed and matched as additional enhancements.


Traditional Design 

A. Plumeria Scroll Type 1 (with Coin Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-a.jpg   sample-logo-td-a.gif       

B. Plumeria Scroll Type 2 (with Black Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-b.jpg   sample-logo-td-b.gif

C. Plumeria Scroll with Fern

sample-logo-14k-td-c.jpg   sample-logo-td-c.gif

D. Princess Scroll Type 1 (with Diamond Cut Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-d.jpg   sample-logo-td-d.gif

E. Princess Scroll Type 2 (with Rope Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-e.jpg   sample-logo-td-e.gif

F. Princess Scroll Type 3 (with Cutout)

sample-logo-14k-td-f.jpg   sample-logo-td-f.gif

G. Queen Scroll Type 1

sample-logo-14k-td-g.jpg   sample-logo-td-g.gif

H. Queen Scroll Type 2

sample-logo-14k-td-h.jpg   sample-logo-td-h.gif

I. Plumeria Maile Type 1 (with Black Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-i.jpg   sample-logo-td-i.gif

J. Plumeria Maile Type 2

sample-logo-14k-td-j.jpg   sample-logo-td-j.gif

K. Princess Maile Type 1

sample-logo-14k-td-k.jpg   sample-logo-td-k.gif

 L. Princess Maile Type 2

sample-logo-14k-td-l.jpg   sample-logo-td-l.gif


Ali'i Design

A. Queen Maile Type 1

14k-sample-logo-ad-a.jpg   sample-logo-ad-a.gif

B. Queen Maile Type 2

14k-sample-logo-ad-b.jpg   sample-logo-ad-b.gif 

C. Diamond Cut Maile (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-c.jpg   sample-logo-ad-c.gif

D. English Scroll Type 1 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-d.jpg   sample-logo-ad-d.gif

E. English Scroll Type 2 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-e.jpg   sample-logo-ad-e.gif

F. Heart Scroll Type 2 (with Cutout) 

14k-sample-logo-ad-f.jpg   sample-logo-ad-f.gif

G. Double Scroll (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-g.jpg   sample-logo-ad-g.gif

H. Lehua Flower (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-h.jpg   sample-logo-ad-h.gif

I. Plumeria Lei Type 1 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-i.jpg   sample-logo-ad-i.gif

J. Plumeria Lei Type 2 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-j.jpg   sample-logo-ad-j.gif


Modern Design

A. Modern Design Type 1 (Half Princess Scroll with High Polish)

14k-sample-logo-md-a.jpg   sample-logo-md-a.gif

B. Modern Design Type 2 (Half Princess Scroll with Sand Finish)

14k-sample-logo-md-b.jpg   sample-logo-md-b.gif

C. Modern Design Type 3 (Half Princess Scroll with Black Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-c.jpg   sample-logo-md-c.gif

D. Modern Design Type 4 (Half Maile with Sand Finish)

14k-sample-logo-md-d.jpg   sample-logo-md-d.gif

E. Modern Design Type 5 (Center Princess Scroll with Rope Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-e.jpg   sample-logo-md-e.gif

F. Modern Design Type 6 (Center Maile with Rope Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-f.jpg  sample-logo-md-f.gif

G. Modern Design Type 7 (Princess Scroll Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-g.jpg   sample-logo-md-g.gif

H. Modern Design Type 8 (Princess Scroll with Half Maile Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-h.jpg   sample-logo-md-h.gif