Personalized Hawaiian Jewelry Rings - Traditional Design

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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Personalized Hawaiian Jewelry Rings - Traditional Design

Traditional designs include motifs, symbols and lettering techniques that have withstood the test of time over generations and promise to remain fresh and beautiful to your children and grandchildren.

Personalization with names or meaningful words means that the heart your custom piece will shine through for a lifetime... And beyond.

Our rings are meticulously handcrafted by master designer and engraver Thom Sirivattha. Thom's intensively studied techniques ensure that every piece leaving his bench has the gleam, brilliance and texture that only a sketchbook and hand engraving can achieve. Each piece is individually signed by the artist. 

matching-ring-1.jpg    matching-ring-2.jpg    matching-ring-3.jpg 

Choose from 12 design patterns 


B) Plumeria Scroll Type 2


C) Plumeria Scroll with Fern


D) Princess Scroll Type 1


E) Princess Scroll Type 2


F) Princess Scroll Type 3


G) Queen Scroll Type 1


H) Queen Scroll Type 2


I) Plumeria Maile Type 1


J) Plumeria maile Type 2


K) Princess Maile Type 1


L) Princess maile Type 2


Two types of wire are available

  • For 6, 8, 10, 12 mm Width
    1. Flat Wire - 1.5 mm thickness
    2. Barrel Wire - 2.0 mm thickness
  • For 15, 18, 20 mm Width
    1. Flat Wire - 1.2 mm thickness
    2. Barrel Wire - 1.7 mm thickness

 Edging & Lettering

  • The standard edging design is the Plain Smooth Border. But you may choose different designs for your ring for an additional $25. Choices include: Coin, Black, Diamond Cut, Rope, or Cutout. Please select "Edging Design" if you want to select a custom border.
  • Lettering may vary slightly from the pictures shown. Color Chart
  • Font sizes will be larger or smaller according to the word(s) length and the size of the ring. More letters will result in narrower and smaller script than with fewer letters.

Available lettering styles

      Raised               img-8886.jpg

     Raised Enamel    -22vii-22-princess-scroll-type1-baby-wm-1.jpg 

     Enamel             -22jocelyn-22-plumerial-maile-wm-1.jpg  

About Custom Orders

Custom orders normally take about two weeks to complete – except during peak seasons (i.e., graduation, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) when orders take longer – so order early! We will notify you by email once your custom piece is finished.

We offer free shipping for this product within the United States.

All custom-made jewelry is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
If you have any questions, please contact us!