Surf Skeg with board Pendant / Tapa and scroll design

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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Surf Skeg with board Pendant / Tapa and scroll design 


It is not by coincidence that a Surfboard Skeg – the device that allows surfers to steer – resembles a shark’s fin. Like honuMano the shark is considered aumakua or a guardian spirit in Hawai’i. Legend has it was Mano that first guided ancient Polynesians to the Hawai’ian islands. Whether one’s preferred interpretation is skeg or shark’s fin, the design remains a symbol of guidance and destiny.

Tapa (kapa) was one of the main textiles throughout Polynesia used for clothing and decoration. Tapa scroll patterns from the old days still exist and bring into the modern age the aesthetics of the past.

Height: 25 mm (without bell)

Width: 38 mm

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Type of wireFlat

MetalSterling Silver

Techniques: Bright Cut, Enamel, Fine Line, Wiggle etching 

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Designer Thom Sirivattha personally signs every piece.

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