Thom's Engraved Zippo® Lighter - Aloha, Hawaiian Quilt

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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Thom's Engraved Zippo® Lighter - Aloha, Hawaiian Quilt

On this iconic American lighter, designer Thom Sirivattha combines the image of the traditional Hawai'ian quilt with the word that  holds the essence of Hawai'i. The intricate patterns of stainless steel-plated engraving and brass undertones showcase Thom's expert craftsmanship.

The patchwork of symmetrical shapes depicting classic Hawai’ian images, such as ulu (breadfruit) or fern leaves, pineapple and more have been the basis of the centuries old tradition of Hawai’ian quilting.

The word, aloha is said to be a combination of alo - to face or address - and ha the breath of life. The meaning of aloha can be as light as a casual greeting or as deep as life itself. 

Design: Aloha, Hawaiian Quilt

Metal:Brass (Stainless Steel Plating)

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Designer Thom Sirivattha personally signs every piece.

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