12mm Silhouette® Collection Warriors and Honu Bangle

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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Silhouette Collection Warriors and Honu Bangle

Thom Sirivattha's original Silhouette® Collection

Sizes: 7 - 9

Width: 12mm

Thickness: 2mm

Wire Type: Barrel

MetalSterling Silver 

Techniques: Enamel, Bright Cut 

The Silhouette® Collection displays Thom's mastery of engraving, design and enamel work on precious metal. The deep luster of colored enamel accents the glint of gold or silver giving each creation a confident flash of style.

Images of Hawai’ian koa (warriors) express courage and ferocity in battle, while the gentle spirit of honu (Hawai’ian green sea turtles) symbolize protection and endurance.

Your order will be shipped within 7 business days from the time it is received.

You may customize your order in terms of size, width, enamel color or personalization (name, date, word, etc.) for additional fees starting from $50.00. Please call! Designer Thom Sirivattha's signature is hand engraved on every piece.


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