Gallery - Special Customized Designs

Our Special Custom Deigns are at the heart of what puts artist Thom Sirivattha in a class by himself. Thom has the skill - more importantly the desire - to go beyond customization with his family of clients, to create something truly personal and unique from scratch if requested. If you - or we - are in town whether it be at Thom's Honolulu studio or elsewhere, we can sit down together and work out exactly what you need.* If we cannot meet in person, you can fill out a custom order form online and begin the process there. 

Thom's distinctive work has graced many sizes and shapes, including commemorative medals, personalized jewelry for hula halau, wedding ring sets, firearms, cutlery and more. Thom has even custom engraved stainless steel valve covers for classic cars.

Please call with your inquiry. 日本語でもどうぞ!

*Personal consultations are by appointment only