Thom's Polynesian fish hooks

Posted by Dean on 27th Sep 2018

From Autearoa to Tahiti, the traditional Polynesian fish hook - or makau - has been a symbol of protection, good fortune and has identified its wearers as good providers for centuries. Recently, inter … read more

Solid Silver Money Clips

Posted by Dean on 3rd Sep 2018

One look at one of Thom's solid silver money clips never fails to impress. Hand engraved scrollwork, traditional Hawaiian designs and other images may only be coaxed out of precious met … read more

Love Hawaii Collection Summer Party

Posted by Dean on 1st Sep 2018

As many of you know, we've taken our show on the road. Last month, Thom & co. spent a couple of days in beautiful Yokohama for an annual expo featuring  products from our islands. Fans of Thom's … read more